Digitize swiftly and with maximum return on investment.

Without coding

Unify processes, tasks, and their management on the low/no-code platform PowerFlow. By integrating your systems, you’ll deliver the right information to the right people.

Achieve measurable efficiency gains in a matter of weeks.
Investing in processes with PowerFlow will pay off for you.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks and focus only on what matters.

With us:

Connect skilled professionals with relevant information.

Gain a unified integrated environment for management across corporate systems.

Achieve process acceleration of up to 52%.

Process up to twice as many orders and requests.

Increase flexibility by reducing reliance on expert IT resources.

Save more than 10% FTE in the first year.

Attain transparent processes with reduced error rates.

Be shielded against audit findings and their impacts.

Experience clearer reporting and easier planning.

Where will PowerFlow help you?

In all corporate processes, from HR, sales, finance to back office.

PowerFlow allows you to easily digitize and unify process management across all teams, significantly reducing operational costs. Free your employee’s hands and allow them to focus solely on what truly matters.


Approval of invoices, orders, purchase requests, investments, and other financial processes integrated with existing ERP systems.

Back office

​​Approval of various requests, such as leave, business trips, expense reports, and annual tax settlements. Document processing and circulation, monitoring employee attendance, and material movement within the company. Audit logs for key or sensitive agendas (IT security, etc.).


Processes for production management, audits, equipment loans, and construction processes involving external entities.


Entry documents, employee onboarding and offboarding, requests for training, requests for benefits and many other processes for HR digitization.

Retail and services

Retail financial processes, creation and approval of daily reports from cash registers and their archiving.

Utility / Telco

Complaint management, audit processes and protocols, complaint processing, helpdesk, and many other process templates ready for use.

Ready-made solutions for our clients.

See how our solutions help.

Invoice approval related to orders and contracts, budget monitoring, approval limits and connection to the organizational structure.

Audit processes, with its control protocols and subsequent corrective action procedures as an output.

Generating, approving, commenting and signing documents over Microsoft 365.

Project management and construction processes, including budget monitoring. With easy administration of workflows, forms, and data models.

Creating and approving contracts related to the organizational structure, approval limits and responsibilities.

Digitization of daily reports from cash registers in stores, financial workflow.

Solution for complete digitization of the HR department, including onboarding and offboarding documents.

Easy task assignment to an individual or team with clear status monitoring of its actual state of solution.

Need to digitize more processes?

With PowerFlow, you can easily and quickly create new agendas and processes tailored to your company. You can make all modifications yourself using intuitive drag-and-drop tools.