Create a tailored environment for managing processes and tasks.

In one shared tool, you unify process workflows, task queues, and decision-making rules.

PowerFlow neatly displays everything on dashboards and prioritized personal and team task queues. Managers, employees, and external partners will know the priority of tasks and deadlines. Each user can work, input information, approve, view reports, or manage their team from one place.

Through overviews, you can share data from other systems.

In overviews, based on access rights, you can select which data will be displayed to users. Overviews allow for quick changes in data or adding new items. They also enable bulk data changes, approvals, or starting workflows for multiple cases at once.

Digitize everything possible.

Frequently repeated processes are worth digitizing. PowerFlow utilizes elements of case management, gathering information, processes, forms, and actions in one place. This allows for the initiation of user and system tasks according to set rules.