All building blocks in one package

Utilize intuitive drag-and-drop tools to build complex business agendas without programming or with custom scripting.

Forms & Data

With the Forms-builder tool, you can create and configure complex dynamic forms and multi-layered data models with relationships and data cases. You can share data entities with other corporate applications and workflows. In the builder, you can also define personalized task overviews and data reports.


Our workflow builder comes with action elements for the most used activities like approvals, tasks, signatures and automation. And of course, you can use all data from the forms, to conditionally route your workflow.


With PowerFLOW, you can fully digitize the paperwork. For your documents, you can use MS Word templates, fill them with data collected in workflows and generate the final document in PDF format. Then you can let the right people sign with an e-signature. That is a fully paperless solution.