Modern technology with full support

PowerFlow is built on modern enterprise technologies. High operational flexibility and scalability are supported by platforms such as OpenShift, Azure Kubernetes Services, and K8S.

Easy connection
to surrounding systems

Pre-built integrations make it easy to connect to surrounding systems such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Microsoft Sharepoint, Active Directory / LDAP, Kerberos, REST API connector and more.

Multi-level architecture, modular components

The latest UI technology based on Angular. Applications built on Spring Boot, Camunda, Zeebe, MongoDB, and more.

Microservices and Public API PowerFlow

PowerFlow supports custom plugins, UI blocks, and integrations, and is extensible via microservices or integration with the PowerFlow Public API. It allows you to read or write data from external systems and vice versa.

PowerFlow in the cloud

PowerFlow runs on both public and private cloud platforms and can also be deployed as a SaaS solution. It supports Red Hat OpenShift, MS Azure Kubernetes Service, Kubernetes/OpenStack infrastructure, and runtime platforms.