All agendas
under one roof

With PowerFlow, you can create everything your business needs.

From key agendas with complex workflows to smaller support processes. Thanks to the integration of processes, data, and documents, nothing will be done twice.


3.5 times faster implementation, easy changes

With PowerFlow, you can add new agendas more quickly. Users can modify processes and forms directly without coding or with the help of custom scripts. You customize processes to fit your business, not the other way around.

Digitalization from A to Z

With paperless tools such as remote digital signatures or document generation into templates created in MS Word, you can digitize all processes from start to finish.

Clear processes and reduced errors

Tasks are organized in personal and team queues. Everyone knows the priority of tasks and deadlines. Systems communicate with each other and handle many activities themselves. Less work, fewer errors.

Fewer resources, less time

With low/no-code, you deliver a product 2.5 times faster and at lower costs compared to the traditional programming approach.

Pre-made blocks for commonly used activities

Processes such as approvals, task assignments, or digital signatures can be easily created thanks to pre-made blocks that you can customize as needed.

Create comprehensive key agendas

PowerFlow offers a range of functionalities and extensive configuration options, allowing you to create enterprise and core-business agendas and applications. Link them with your existing systems and leverage their full potential.